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We believe that by providing accurate and timely information, we can help men and their loved ones navigate the often-confusing landscape of prostate cancer treatment and support.

Who We Are

Prostate Cancer Patient Voices is a patient-centered website dedicated to providing support, education, and advocacy for those affected by prostate cancer. Our mission is to empower men with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. We believe that by providing accurate and up-to-date information, we can help men and their loved ones navigate the often-confusing landscape of prostate cancer treatment and support. Our website offers a variety of resources & support, including: information on early detection & risk factors, patients sharing their journeys, and in-depth education on how to navigate a prostate cancer diagnosis; from an elevated PSA to supportive ways on how to live well with the disease.

Our Vision.

Our vision is a society where prostate cancer is no longer a threat to men's health and well-being. Through education, awareness, and early detection, we aim to empower men to take control of their health and create a future where prostate cancer is a manageable and treatable disease.

Our Mission

Advancing prostate cancer awareness and support through educational resources & the sharing of collective experiences.

Our Story

Prostate Cancer Patient Voices emerged from a vision thought of by Gina Carithers, CEO/Founder of UroToday.com. In collaboration with Charles Ryan, MD, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, they were determined to create an online patient education resource to support men, their families, caregivers, and loved ones affected by prostate cancer. This vision came to be after hosting a series of patient summits. UroToday witnessed a powerful interaction between patients wanting to learn more about their diagnosis, be involved in their treatment decisions, and receive support from clinicians and other men with prostate cancer. The journey of navigating a prostate cancer diagnosis is told through the voices and stories of patients themselves as well as their spouses, in order to provide a community to learn from others, be inspired by others, and empower other men to feel confident navigating their disease with the ability to live well with their diagnosis.

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Prostate Cancer Patient Voices is proud to be supported by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

“Navigating the prostate cancer treatment landscape can be challenging especially for someone newly diagnosed. At Bayer, we are committed to addressing unmet patient needs in prostate cancer through continued investment in patient education. We are proud to sponsor the launch of Prostate Cancer Patient Voices, working alongside the Prostate Cancer Foundation, to empower patients and caregivers to receive reliable, evidence-based information and help them feel supported throughout their journey.” - Frank Verholen, Vice President and Head of the Genitourinary Division at Medical Affairs Oncology at Bayer.